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Single this V-Day? Celebrate the best Valentine's Day with your Dog <3

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

February 13, 2020

If you're single this Valentine's Day why not spend this special day with your best friend? Your dog adores you unconditionally! So here are some ideas to show that doggie how much you appreciate and care about them.

EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS TOGETHER Find a nice dog park or dog friendly nature trail and go for a nice stroll. Enjoy the scenery yourself and let your dog take in all the new sounds and smells in the air. Pack some water, treats and snacks for the both of you and enjoy the day! PAW-ARTS & CRAFTS ACTIVITIES Find your nearest craft store and find DOG-SAFE ink, some paper- something not too thin- paint, stickers, buttons, etc. and make paw print art postcards! Safe, cute, and easy. Dab some ink on your dog's paw, gently press the paw onto the paper, lift paw, let it dry a bit, and decorate with the rest of the fun stuff. Later you can share it online as a love message to family and friends from you and your pooch on your Facebook, the Gram, and any other social apps you have. Don't forget to wipe your dogs’ paw clean before and after you're done.                                                                                                              DINNER WITH YOUR PUP(s) NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED Cook up, pickup, Uber, Doordash (what ever floats your boat) your favorite meal and serve your pup his/her favorite dish (safe dog food cooked, raw diet, kibble- stick with what your pet is used to) and munch down together. Take date night pics with your pal, and after your tummies are warm and full, end the night with Netflix and belly rubs. No lonely social media posts allowed this V-Day! Valentine's Day 2020 you and your pup have the best gift ever...EACH OTHER <3

Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash


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