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Fun & Healthy Dog Treat Ideas Right Out of Your Kitchen!

February 19, 2020

I haven't met a dog that doesn't LOVE treats! Here are some natural and healthy treat ideas you can give your dog to spice things up and/or switch from processed treats to a more natural selection. After these delicious treats your dog might finally roll-over for ya!


Dogs absolutely love this sweet yam! Aside from being delicious, sweet potatoes provide a variety of health benefits for your pet. They are great for their digestive system, contain essential vitamins that support their vision and muscle strength like Vitamin C and B6. You can bake or broil them and even leave the skin on.


Yup cottage cheese! This one is a great source of protein and calcium for your dog, but should be given in small amounts. Start with a small spoon added to their dinner. Remember that cottage cheese is a dairy product, and dairy products can upset a dogs tummy.


Sure these guys are smelly, but dogs woof them! These little guys are a great source of omega oils for healthy skin and coat. These little fish also support your dog's teeth, muscles, and organs along with other health benefits. You can add sardines to your pets' diet once a week.


This is one of my own pups' favorite treats! Blueberries work as antioxidants and fiber for both you and your dog, and it's a fun and easy treat you can share the next time you mix them up in your yogurt or shake. A fun game I made up for my boys is "Find the Berries". I put Kai and Rico in a room, then I make a trail of blueberries in front of the door, I hide the rest in easy to find spots, and the rest is up to their noses! They absolutely love the search and the sweet treat in the end!

These are just a few of the natural, easy, safe, and delicious treats your dog will love. Always make sure to consult with a vet and/or do your research on what foods are safe for dogs before giving. Never assume something is safe for your dog because it is safe for us. Some treats that may be safe for dogs are not safe for cats and vice-versa. After you introduce your dog to any new food always watch out for reactions such as changes in bowel movement, behavior, etc. This even applies when switching from one food to another whether it be kibble or raw diets.

What's your dogs' favorite natural treat? Take a picture of your pup enjoying it's most loved treat and tag/mention me on Facebook or Instagram @wfdoggooming (White Fang Dog Grooming). Happy Treats!


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